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RE!ログ2(ディノヒバ) | うゆゆPlease rate and support artist for their work
RE!ログ2(ディノヒバ) | うゆゆ
Please rate and support artist for their work


I can’t believe this actually happened. 



It hurts…when I think about you,
Knowing that you don’t feel it too.
The anger towards you overflows through me,
Blurring my vision and still you could not see.

It aches…recalling the times we spent as a pair,
But we grew up knowing life was not fair.
The loneliness lasted only for a short bit of a while,
When all I treasured was that rare of a smile.

It saddens…seeing the familiar mark gone from its place,
Yet, the cruel searing left within me a lasting trace.
I cooled it off with an aggressive wrathful mood,
Fueling the flames of the fire to our ever-growing feud.

It grieves…that the only chance to cross your way,
Is to entice the blues into battle every other day.
When I gaze for too long at your empty spot,
I speed out of Homra to loosen that choking knot.

It pains…hearing ‘Mi-sa-ki’ chills me to the core,
Yearning for those lips to call me ‘Yata’ once more.
I don’t remember needing you this much from the start,
The void just felt empty and strange when you ripped us apart.

It questions…did you ever have any regrets?
We were once friends, or did you forget?
And you’d reply with a hint of sorrow, I’d hate to admit,
"When I left-your heart…I took a piece of it."

Well, just saw K: Missing Kings latest trailer and after seeing the latest pic Animage released for the movie, my fascination with my favorite otp from K, kicked into overdrive. So R/R (read and review) if you want! Thought I’d throw in some of my favorite pics (ALL OFFICIAL ART) dedicated to these two. :)